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I’m a Designer from Brazil. I have worked in the industry for over 11 years, working in Architecture, Graphic, Digital, and now Product UX and UI Design roles.

I’m currently working as a UI Designer at Madgex, supporting the development process for our SaaS products and features and leading the UI design in the Innovation team following accessible design principles.
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nthuse - Employer Branding Manager
on-site project using Miro, Jira and Sketch. 2018 - 2020
...or a tool to easily create truly inspiring job adverts and the writing coach tool that is powered by millions of real-life job adverts and turn this into intelligent, reliable rules that help you write better job ads. Also distribute them directly into the UK’s top job boards

Working closely with the Head of product, UX designers/researchers and developers, my daily responsibilities include delivering re-usable components that help speed up the design process, Design system development and components library.

Also, responsible to create custom templates to suite all variables design guidelines and make easy-to-build web content that’s inspiring, inclusive and high-converting.
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Assessing the alpha builder
I joined the company after the alpha being released in 2018.
I started by reviewing the current builder to find pain points or parts that worked well and understanding the user behaviour;
• Overall expectation was to have more interactivity between the template page and editor.
• New users were struggling to produce the templates.
• Columns are hard to navigate.
• Users are stuck inside sections/columns of template builder.
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Visual exploration
Exploring the experience in more detail, redesigning all existing pages following accessible design principles.

The solution: With a new template editor and a clear toolbar, I had to decrease the preview area without interfering with the usability and using iconography I could provide a quick way to communicate the concept and grab the user’s attention.

5x increase the user understanding (template editor).

2x fewer users being stuck in the template editor.
2x increase the drag functionality.
UI challenges
For the Template editor was created 14 different sections, generating 78+ screes for the control panel.

3 Custom templates were built (the current beta version just have 2 templates) each of them with the 14 different sections with variations (rounded & square images, left and right alignments, background on and off...) Mobile, tablet and desktop preview.
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The Result
Client feedback
“We more than doubled our application numbers in just two weeks.”
135% increase in APV
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nthuse - Writing coach
Product update. 2019 - 2020
Demonstration videos
Template editor
Writing coach
My work
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