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Career tool
Project being produced fully remote using Miro, Jira and Figma. 2020 - present
Using machine learning to build industry leading job recommendation systems, candidate profiling tools, matching and automated career advice technologies.

I’m responsible to support the Head of Product, UX designers/researchers, developers and data scientists. From idea generation, research, prototyping, MVPs, presentation videos to leading the UI and producing high-fidelity mock-ups.
Testing ideas early - Supporting UX team
UI tour: Creative process
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I began researching to gather inspiration. Defining all the basic elements in advance helped to design fast and consistent throughout the project, making it easy for changes later on.
UI challenges, solutions and impact
Displays a strong visual hierarchy, accessible design (Colour contrast WCAG AA & AAA) for elements that will support 30,000+ jobs online and 700,000 active users.
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